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A little bit of learning and a whole lot of memories!!

The Tiny Humans


Here are our three loves... Bubba, Vi, and Tiny Tot! This page is especially for them! If you love to homeschool, build, learn, or just get straight up messy then this is the right page for you!!

...all things homeschool...

Benjamin Franklin, William Penn, Liberty Bell...

February 08, 2019

These boys have had an awesome year so far in History class and tonight we are embracing what they have been learning about! Every Friday night we have pizza and movie night. On the screen tonight... "National Treasure!" It is one of my favorite movies, and I am so excited to finally let them watch it! What is your families favorite "movie night" movie choice?! 

(Image used is not my own photograph)

Homeschool Curriculum

December 18, 2018

Do you homeschool or have you thought about it?! Our family made the decision to homeschool when the boys were approaching pre-k. We had a deep desire to give them a moral compass, teach them our Christian values, and help them get a strong educational base before sending them to public school. Please note, these are our ideas. We firmly believe decisions like this are on a "to each their own" basis, and we respect that!! For now, homeschool is our life and we love it!! We searched high and low for curriculum that fit our family. Because we are a military family, we move a lot. We wanted the boys to have a program that would grow with them and keep up with their records. So, we chose Abeka, and we have not been disappointed! Check them out!

Salt Dough Ornaments

December 06, 2018

Have you ever looked on Pinterest and thought, "those look awesome but I can't do that?!" Yeah, me too! However, these I just had to try, and I am so glad that I did!! They were super simple, the kids loved them, and they make for awesome keepsakes!! Follow the link below to the recipe we use. It will not disappoint!

P.S. This is day 6 on our advent calendar! Check it out on The Blog tab!

Stepping Stone Hop Scotch

September 02, 2017

How fun is this!! The boys and I wanted something fun for outside during the last of the summer days and this was perfect!! I drew out the numbers in different colored sidewalk chalk and then set them with Mod Podge Matte Finishing Spray. They lasted the rest of the year before they started to fade. I haven't had a chance to recolor them yet, but I totally will because they provided so much fun for all of the kids in the neighborhood, not just our boys!!

Amelia Earhart Museum

May 05, 2018

Today we took a family outing to The Amelia Earhart Museum. The boys have been learning about her adventures in History class and this was quite a nice experience for them! They got to see a replica of her famous Yellow Cannery airplane and enjoyed seeing/reading all about her incredible bravery! 

Foam Clouds and Rainbows

August 15, 2017

This week we have been learning about Weather!! The boys got to get a little messy today and make a cloud bowl out of shaving cream, water, and food coloring! They had a blast!

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